Dad of three (aged five, three and one), all of whom clearly need less sleep than me, attempting to work out how on earth to do this whole fatherhood thing properly.  Day job: Managing Editor of Classic FM.  Yet to own a decent photo of me with all three kids together – but the youngest does exist. Promise.  Follow me on Twitter @classicjacko.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. janettejones1@hotmail.co.uk says:

    You look as though you are doing a grand job. Parenting is something you sort of muddle through. I’m still learning, my girls are grown up now 18,22 and 24. They’ve had a bit of a rough time at times with me having mental health problems. They’ve turned out great though.Best wishes and good luck Janette

    • Sam Jackson says:

      Thank you very much! Agree entirely: I think everyone basically just muddles through each stage and then asks themselves “how on earth did I manage to blag that?!”

  2. Vikki Mangan-rose says:

    Sam, I love this blog and send it to my husband as soon as it’s out and don’t even get me started on your facebook updates! We only have one child but are just thinking of another to spice up our sleeping. Some nights we get 8-10 hours which is obscene! I’ve been a nanny for years but nothing quite prepares you for the lack of sleep and also not having anyone to ask! I have found myself ringing my boss and her saying “you do realise this is your child. If you want to give her chocolate, go for it!” and “No Vikki, you really must take this one home with you!” Can’t wait for the next blog update!

    • Sam Jackson says:

      Thanks so much, Vikki! Really appreciate the encouragement. Go for it – have another if you can – but be ready for it to becoming exhausting all over again. We thought having two would be quite easy after the first one, but it was even more knackering second time round! Definitely worth it, though – especially when they get to the stage of playing together while the two of you sit drinking wine in the corner…

  3. Louis Marks says:

    Hi Sam! I was wondering if there was any way of getting in touch with you? I’m a student at University of the Arts London and am really interested in your story… Please get in touch!

    Louis Marks


  4. Lovely, feel good blog, just signed up! The time flies by, I used to be so jealous of parents whose children could do up their own seat belts, unpack the shopping from the car, help walk the dogs and now, the elder one is about to finish his GCSEs and I don’t know where the 16 years has gone!

  5. Charlotte says:

    What email address can I get you on? x

  6. mikee chen says:

    We would like to invite you and your kids down to Flip Out Wandsworth next week. Please get in contact with us…

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