The three wise spiders…


So, Christmas is just around the corner.  Very exciting, although the prospect of having to get a gazillion things done at work before the big day is slightly too front-of-mind at the moment for me to feel overwhelmingly festive.  The thing I’m really looking forward to this year is my son’s nativity play.  He started school in September – and, since then, I’ve been wondering what they’ll be doing to mark the occasion.  It’s not a church school, so I wasn’t sure whether the whole Nativity thing would be on the cards.  Thankfully, though, it is.  I’d have been gutted if he hadn’t been able to take part in something like this; after all, what parent doesn’t want to put a tea towel on their child’s head and bore other people with stories of how cute they were on the day?

Anyway, earlier this week, I discovered that my son is going to play – and I quote – the role of “a shepherd and a spider.”  No, me neither.  I haven’t yet worked out whether or not those are two different roles, but it should make for an interesting morning.  I’m ashamed to say, though, that all this talk of Nativity plays has turned me into Competitive Dad.  Upon discovering that my boy has been give a line in the play (“Can we see the baby, please?” – I mean, it really doesn’t get better than that, does it?) I found myself nearly missing the train for work this morning because I wanted to coach him on how to deliver it.  To my horror, I kept encouraging to repeat it with more feeling, telling him how important it was to get it right.  In my head, I’m Laid-Back Dad.  I’m not going to pressurise my kids unnecessarily; I’m going to let them develop at their own pace.  But the thought of him failing to deliver during his starring moment is just too stressful to contemplate.  What if he forgets it?  Next year, will he only get the cameo role of the innkeeper?  I have a DUTY to help him NOT MESS IT UP…

In other news, the whole ‘blue versus pink’ thing with my daughter has reached new heights.  Last night, she slept through for the first time in ages – something she attributed entirely to her new, garish, pink Hello Kitty duvet cover, which replaced the blue hand-me-down from her brother.  “I not like blue – GIRLS like PINK!” she proclaims, at every opportunity.  She’s also at her happiest when pretending to cook or clean, leading me to conclude that we seem to be bringing up a child with ambitions to become a 1950s housewife.  Ah well, so long as she doesn’t turn into one of those scary four-year-old ballroom dancers, caked in make-up, who are regularly the topic of Channel 4 documentaries, I reckon we’ll be fine…

One thought on “The three wise spiders…

  1. Love it! i have to stop my self being competitive too… and they’re only four! i was miffed that Z hadn’t won the xmas card design competition. Z is a backing dancer for his school christmas play (that’s one for the family xmas newsletter;)! the play is called ‘The Landlord’s Cat’…and it IS a CofE school! i am very curious about the whole thing!

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